Hold Aerdrop and
Earn Moonshots

AER holders get newly-launched third-party tokens daily plus 6% reflections from every transaction. In 4 months, we've dropped more than $750,000 USD in tokens to AER holders.

Aerdrop Rocket

Benefit to tokens

Aerdrop helps tokens rapidly add thousands of holders, expand their community and watch their chart rise.

Best of all, it's a rapid growth hack without selling any tokens.You'll access a community of 7,500+ holders that thrive on finding gems and a cohort of partner tokens that can help you.

Aerdrop helps tokens add thousands of holders
Benefits of holding Aerdrop

Benefit to AER holders

AER holders receive newly-launched third-party tokens weekly and compound their AER token balance daily with a 6% distributed transaction tax. This means holders get the benefit of not only a generous reflection token but get to earn moonshots.

The typical weekly yield is in excess of 4% ROI.



Aerdrop Liquidity

3% added to liquidity


Aerdrop Reflections

6% reflections paid automatically


Aerdrop Marketing

1% added to marketing


Phase 1 | Complete

Establishing the token, the utility and iterating on the value proposition with token owners.

• 10 Token Partnerships
• 2,5000 Holders
• $10k USD dropped
• Build and launch Aerdrop technology
• Aerdrop BSC chain tokens

Phase 2 | Complete

Optimise the process, establish the aerforce sales squadron and launch support for multiple chains.

• 50 Token Partnerships
• 5,000 Holders
• $500k USD dropped
• Establish the Aerforce
• Aerdrop ETH & Polygon chain tokens

Phase 3 | Underway

Integrate with the best launchpads, upgrade the Aerdrop technology and list on an exchange.

• 100 Token Partnerships
• 10,000 Holders
• $1 million USD dropped
• Upgrade Aerdrop technology
• List on our first exchange